Saturday 10am-4pm
Infinite Integrity for Your Time
– Redefining Time
– Impactful Decisions
– Designing Experiences
Your Process Codes
– Eliminating Subconscious Drains
– Actions to Strengthen Focus and Manifestation
– Personalized Steps to Become a Creative Master
Limitations Hidden in Plain Sight
– Dissolving Stubborn Belief Systems
– Ending Habitual Disempowerment
– Designing a Personalized “Power Identity”
Sunday 10am-4pm
The Power of Your Voice
– Finding Your Missing Tones
– Biofeedback Quantum Reading with Specific Instructions
– Custom Tuning of Your Divine Voice
 Personal Alchemy
– Charging Water to Invigorate Life
– Changing the Vibration and Magnetism of Money
– Crystal Programming
Ancient Health Hacks
– 5 Elements of Health
– Turn Your Body Into a Magnet that Heals
– Conscious Alkalinity
Sunday Evening of Vibrations 5pm
Join us as Meagan invites you to quantum shift into your
designed future. A custom charged vortex and Meagan will assist in bringing all of your cells into complete alignment with your new reality. You will experience the power Cacao and
receive the indulgent support from the spirit of chocolate. The evening will be filled with bliss of delectable raw cacao
hors d’oeuvres to nourish your body and alchemy to nourish your soul.
$200 – 7/28 and 7/29
$150 – 7/28 or 7/29
$50 off 2 tickets (Bring a friend)
For any questions and information, please call 760-507-4769.  Financial Scholarships and Group Discounts are available.