Saturday 9am

 Brain Electricity
 What is our frequency and how we raise it
 Supercharging your electrical body and its natural abilities
 Raising your voltage demonstration
 The dowsing brain waves
 Allowing energy and information to flow
 Creating the space of no attachment
 Holographic energies in the 2D transformation
 Essential oil balancing Steam
 The consciousness of water
 Light codes
 Water alchemy
 After Lunch
Heart Flow
How to ramp up the flow state
Fractals meditation of life source energy
Essential oil balancing steam treatment
Accessing other dimensions
Dominant Vibration Switch On/Off
Claiming it in every day situations
Unlocking authentic tones
Voices of power
Sunday 9am
Receiving portals of the body
Lovers language
Creation flow between electricity and magnetism
Coherence of heart
Spaces without polarity
After Lunch
Caitria Thiele
Guasha self care ritual
Connecting with the “Five Shen”
Flipping Magnetic attraction
Placing strategic life magnets
Cacao Experience
Sunday Appetizer Social
Mind Body Spirit Deliciousness
Retreat Details

Fee $270. Requesting a deposit check of $100 by Sept, 5, 2018. Your check will NOT be cashed unless you fail to attend. Please bring CASH and your check will be returned to you at the event. Please enclose a note with your check with your phone number and email address printed so Meagan can follow-up to book the ramp-up session.

Note: Must have 10 people attend or event will be canceled.