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Grow Thanks was created with a mission of raising the global vibration by bringing individuals into alignment with their life's purpose and helping them grow their light and expand everyday with gratitude.

When life is looked at through the lens of gratitude everyday is a gift, every meal is abundant, every person is a teacher, and every aspect is love.

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Life's Questions

Do you wake up everyday with wonderment and joy?

Do you attract many unexpected blessings in your life?

Are you receiving the highest quality of love?

Or Are you...

Feeling stuck in an emotion or condition you would like help in releasing?

Experiencing a block in your health, wealth and relationships in your life?

About ME


As a child I knew I was different from other children. I could feel others emotions throughout my body. As I grew up I was seeking answers to my connection with this energy. Studying masters and researching modalities, my path lead me to heal and help. Starting first with healing myself and then being called to share my knowledge with others. I am overcome with gratitude having the ability to hold the space for another's highest good and complete healing. Finding your mark in this world is a journey, a path we sometimes struggle to see. I am just here to help you shine your light from within and guide you to be open to the path your highest self has set for you in this life.

Gratitude From Clients

I met Meagan when I was over 30 weeks pregnant and I was immediately drawn to her energy. Over the course of the rest of my pregnancy Meagan worked on clearing any fears & doubts I had about giving birth, as my first two were traumatic & invasive. She also worked on my energy around having a third child, as well as any stuck energy from my past I was holding on to. Four days before I gave birth she helped me discover the last part of my holding and I was able to release a large part of my past giving me permission to have the most amazing birth I could have imagined! My birth was free from fear & full of love, exactly how I dreamed it would be. Meagan has a gift & she's choosing to share it. I am so grateful for her work & her spirit. I highly recommend her work!
I am truly blown away with how much I have been able to grow in my sessions with Meagan. Because of the added dimension and help of her intuitive sense, I have been able to receive clarity about issues that have evaded decades of counseling. Meagan brings the sessions out of my brain-space into my heart-space where I can get to the true root of my challenges and experience the change I desire. She generously shares her ample resources with me so that I am able to sustain growth and be more true to my essence.
Wow! I felt cold running down my spine and after shiver in my leg, the pain my right hand felt stronger than usual. Then when she finished the lower vibration section, the pain was gone from my right hand. I feel amazing and the pain I have had for years is gone!
I am doing great I feel I am on a great path right now. I feel fresh I feel stronger and at peace with myself thank you for helping me find that!I feel good! I felt the need to thank the universe for what I was putting in my body and for what I was seeing as I was driving to work I'm feeling very positive!
I have never felt such lightness and growth! I am full of love and I am excited to share it with everyone! My chronic back pain has disappeared. Meagan gave me so much insight and just KNEW what I needed.
I recently had a session with Meagan, immediately upon her entering my home she started picking up on things right away. I didn't share anything that was going on with me. She started sharing what she was picking up on, I was impressed how accurate she was. She picked up on my Son who passed away two years ago, she helped me remove blocks in my life that we're keeping me from moving forward in life. She got the healing process started on my foot (plantar fasciitis) and is doing much much better, and that was over a month ago. I highly recommend her services to anyone that's ready to part take in improving there life's journey.

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Getting Started

You are a unique and special individual. In our time together we will work through the energy work you need in the time you are ready to receive it. We develop a plan as unique as your fingerprint to help serve you. Through intention inspiration and connection I am guided to who what and where a release is needed to restore you to your natural state of 100% wellness.


Alignment starts with understanding what is interfering with you being aligned with your highest good and life of joy. I will intuitively go through all facets of your life to show you what's not serving you and then we will clear and release that energy.


Peace is uncovered not found. It has always been with you. I will teach, guide, and nurture your connection with inner peace. Through awareness we will strengthen your connection to your true self, balance your chakras, and you will learn to live in your heart space.


I will teach you the power of your intention as well as other tools to empower your life such as expanding your light, being in the flow of the limitless, and living your life's purpose.

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